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Denise S. Taylor, D.O.

Denise S. Taylor, D.O.

Originally from Florida, Dr. Taylor specializes in epilepsy and women’s issues in neurology, including the treatment of migraines and seizures associated with menstrual cycles and pregnancy. Dr. Taylor earned her medical degree from Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed her neurology training at the University of South Florida, Tampa. Following  residency in neurology, she completed a two-year fellowship in epilepsy and neurophysiology at Emory University. Dr. Taylor worked with a dynamic team of attending physicians, which sparked her interest in neurology and epilepsy. She has created an epilepsy support group in Athens, allowing patients to connect with people living with the same condition.
Dr. Taylor is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, or DO. DOs practice according to the latest science and technology while also considering options to complement pharmaceuticals and surgery. DOs focus on prevention by gaining a deeper understanding of patients’ lifestyles and environments rather than just treating symptoms. Listening to patients and partnering in their care are at the heart of a DO’s holistic, empathic approach to medicine. Dr. Taylor and her husband both enjoy live music and were thrilled to make the move to Athens with its thriving music scene.


Imaging provided for patient diagnosis in a professional, comfortable setting.

Pediatric Care

Dedicated to diagnosing and treating the individual needs of children experiencing neurological and neurophysical disorders.

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